Luke Murray

Houston, TX

"Don't be afraid of what you don't know."

I graduated from Strake Jesuit College Preparatory in 2017 and currently attend The University of Texas at Austin pursuing a B.S. in General Geology and a Minor is Business. Being close to home and attending the greatest university while studying what I love has been the best of both worlds. Studying geology has given me an appreciation of the beautiful world that we live in. We are surrounded by geology everyday and its been an absolute pleasure getting to know more about it.

My Pathway

I grew up getting to spend one week every summer in upstate New York with my dad's side of the family. It was there in Saranac Lake when I really was able to fall in love with the outdoors, hiking, fishing, and kayaking with all my cousins. My dad having studied geology always made a point to show off his knowledge when it came to cool rocks which I quickly grasped onto.

After sophomore year of high school, my family went on a trip to Sedona, Arizona where we saw the Grand Canyon, lava tunnels, and lots of other amazing geology. This was a turning point for me in beginning to realize that this is realistic field of study and that I could pursue geosciences in college.

The surprising thing is...

When most people come to college, they do not have everything figured out. Throughout our entire lives, we are always learning and adapting. Geoscience is a broad field of study that encompasses math, physics, chemistry, biology, energy, water resources, paleontology, and many more things! No matter what time of science you are interested in, more than likely you will find it incorporated into the geosciences.


Do not worry too much if you are unsure about what you want to pursue in college. Come into college with an open mind and be open to the idea of allowing yourself to fall in love with an area of study that makes you happy. Whether it is a small switch, a big switch, or none at all, do not think that whatever major you put down on your college application will decide the rest of your life.

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