Kiara J. Gomez

Astoria, Queens New York

About Me

I am a person who stutters born and raised in New York City. I went to multiple high schools, and ultimately graduated from High School for Health Professions and Human Services in New York, New York. There, I became interested in STEM within the science research program. As a Gates Millennium Scholar at Smith College, I pursued a degree in Environmental Geosciences with a minor in Marine Science and Policy. I fell in love with Geology through an invertebrate paleontology class taught by my research adviser. I was fascinated with understanding the Earth using chemistry, physics, math, and biology, a perfect blend of everything. After college, I received a nine-month Fulbright Fellowship where I studied ecologically important seagrass meadows of Samos, Greece. I ultimately stayed there to get my Master's in Petroleum Engineering at the Technical University of Crete. In 2016, I moved to Austin, Texas to pursue my PhD in Geology. I am exploring the impact of a volcanism across the Norwegian North Sea.

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