Katherine Jacobson

San Antonio, Texas

"I didn't realize how big of a role geoscience played in my everyday life"

In 2021, I graduated from Alamo Heights High School in San Antonio, Texas, and am currently a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin, working towards earning a Bachelor in Science degree in General Geology. Since becoming a Geoscience Ambassador, I have gained a deeper understanding of how geoscience applies to our everyday lives, whether it be in architecture, aviation, art, and much more. This program has inspired me to pursue a minor in architecture, along with a geology major. I am interested in learning more in how geology and architecture intertwine.

My Pathway

Growing up, I always had an interest in science, specifically meteorology. My parents recognized this interest in me from an early age, often suggesting that I would be a meteorologist when I was older. However, I had a very different idea of what kind of career I wanted to pursue. In addition to being interested in STEM, I was more-so fascinated by art. When I entered the eighth grade, my parents forced me to enroll in a STEM class. Although I was very reluctant, it ultimately ended up being my favorite class, and it pushed me towards pursuing a career in STEM, specifically geoscience.

The surprising thing is...

Geoscience plays a role in so many careers and aspects of our lives. Prior to this year, I always thought geoscience exclusively dealt with earth science and research. However, I quickly learned that this is not this case, and how geoscience can be applied to a wide variety of careers, such as arts, aviation, architecture, and many more!


Expose yourself to geology and STEM! Although you may have a certain career path in mind, just like I did, take a new class or find a way to introduce yourself to new things and subjects. It may be intimidating at first but if you enjoy, it will 100% be worth the risk and small bit of fear that comes with it. Don't knock anything until you try it!

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